OmniServe Platform

In the mobile era, OmniServe Platform will provide optimal technical support for a successful APP operation.

API Services

The cloud-based API services make it easier for developers to use advanced technologies in building applications and reduce the cognitive load on programmers.

Data Storage Services

The cloud-based data storage services comprise all the disciplines related to managing data as a valuable resource.

Business Intelligence Services

The cloud-based business intelligence services provide historical, current and predictive views of business operations. The functions include reporting, analytical processing, data mining, etc.

Web Services

The web services provide professionally-designed websites that can help business partners reach their goals.


As the demand for mobile apps rises, APP developers need a simple and efficient way to build apps . CybEye APP SDK serves as an optimized software development toolkit to mass-generate apps.

APP Automated Generation

CybEye APP SDK provides iOS and Android native APP automated generation, APP automated configuration, and APP platform automated deployment.

Customization by Metadata

CybEye APP SDK provides non-programming metadata-driven APP customization, supports for content management features including organization and visibility control by admin groups.

Customization by Programming

CybEye APP SDK provides a wide range of programming and customization tools to help extend and tailor software capabilities to clients’ specific needs.

Customization by Platform

CybEye APP SDK provides customization of building independent APP platform for large enterprises, and each platform allows developers to build up to 100 native apps.

AdRolling System

AdRolling system is an intelligent ad placement engine that generates the most optimal and relevant ad impressions for each APP, based on patented AdRolling technology


Using data of media tracking and analysis, we provide detailed measurement and attribution, helping advertisers with effective recommendations for ad placement.


Advertisers can choose video/audio/photo/text modes to place advertisements via CybEye AdRolling System.

Track and Measure

The advanced tracking tools of CybEye AdRolling System can track the impact of every single dollar invested in advertising, and thus help advertisers make the best decisions possible.


We understand that every lead and every click comes with a price, and CybEye AdRolling System has the tools and technologies to tell advertisers what the ROI is for every dollar spent.